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February 3, 2017
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February 3, 2017

FUCHS engages in application-oriented development directly at and in cooperation with the customer with the aim of adapting lubricants optimally to the process and machine-related requirements. In addition to this, FUCHS attaches great importance to basic research and maintains commitments in interdisciplinary research projects and partnerships with universities, academic institutions, biotechnology companies and customers such as OEMs. FUCHS has extensive laboratory and simulation capacities. Product developments are accompanied by intensive series of tests. All lubricants used in the medical engineering sector are subjected to tests for cytotoxicity and any potential damage to cells and tissues. FUCHS is one of the few lubricant manufacturers that performs tests of this kind.

The high level of innovative power is a key driving force in the FUCHS business model. FUCHS excels through its above industry-average speed of innovation and high degree of specialization. The objective is to continuously develop the potential of lubricants; that is, increasing efficiency as well as prolonging product lifecycles, developing multifunctional lubricants and innovative products for new technical and regulatory requirements and improving energy, process and cost efficiency. At the same time, we are committed to sustainable objectives and the aspiration to develop lubricant solutions that contribute to conservation of the environment and resources.

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